Fears Longford fire brigade will close doors


I WRITE to express my concern for the future of Longford Fire Brigade.

At a recent public meeting the brigade attempted to inform local residents that without more people becoming members and training for firefighting, the brigade may not be able to turn out because of member retirement, health or job requirements.

Longford Fire Brigade has served the community since 1945 and has attended many major fires such as 2003, 2006-07, 2009 and the recent fires at Heyfield and Licola and many other local and some interstate incidents.

With a growing local community it would be a sad day to see this fire brigade lapse because of a lack of local interest.

The public meeting was a failure.

No interest was shown and I write this letter in the hope that some locals will step forward and volunteer and the brigade can continue to serve the community.

Should the brigade lapse because of lack of interest it may be difficult to start again, as all the older members’ experience will be lost, as has happened in some other areas where brigades have lapsed.

I ask Longford residents to give some thought to my comments and ask themselves, do we want a local fire brigade or are we happy to wait for a fire appliance to come from another town if there is a local fire or incident?