CSG — the issue that won’t go away


I WOULD like to comment on the article headed ‘Ryan says he was misrepresented’.

The comments from Mr Ryan’s office and other comments that he has made previously, indicate that our state government will hasten slowly on any exploitation of coal seam gas.

They use an economic argument to support their position — we don’t need the gas.

Many others add that we do not need the risk associated with extraction.

Where do I sit?

I sense that I am with the majority.

I do not carry triangles, but I applaud those who do.

I see no significant value in exploitation of CSG and I am not prepared to risk the damage it may cause for so little return.

I share the concerns that many have for the effect of unrestrained burning of fossil fuels.

I support alternate energy sources.

I have solar panels on my roof and I will support any program that assists others to do the same.

And as for wind power, it’s beautiful!

Then there is the fairytale of ‘clean coal’.

I am pleased that our state government has placed a moratorium over the extraction of CSG.

I am pleased that our Deputy Premier does not want “an ad hoc or short term approach to policy”.

I am in support of Wellington Shire Council backing the gtate government’s moratorium.

The next stage is imminent.

I expect that the government will move to community consultation and they will take notice of our opinions.

Have your say.