Deplorable road conditions pose dangers 


RECENT prolonged roadworks changed the approach to Sale from Traralgon into dual lane which is great. It’s beggars belief that it is to be left in its current condition.


The contractors have long since left however, so it must be true.

The condition of the road surface at, and immediately after, the change to two lanes is hazardous, painful and worse than the condition of the road before the roadworks.

Furthermore, the roundabouts on the approach have poor lane markings and the concrete surrounding them would seem in places to be at least 3cm higher than the bitumen.

As a motorcycle rider of some 35 years, I believe these conditions are an accident waiting to happen, either through the spine-jarring changes to road height causing loss of control and vehicles straying into other lanes at the roundabouts or clipping the raised concrete with a tyre while navigating the roundabout.

I applaud the idea to improve the approach, but the quality of work has actually made it more dangerous, not less.

I hope ‘someone’ addresses this as a matter of urgency.

Traffic Accident Commission strategy: Safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads going at safer speeds.