Davis legacy


ONE of the legacies that will be left behind by Philip Davis MLC as he leaves the Victorian parliament, was his support and vote for the infamous Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, which legalised abortion up until the moment of birth.

This pernicious law also required doctors who had a conscientious objection to abortion to refer a woman seeking an abortion to another doctor who they knew would perform an abortion, thus removing their right not to be involved in something they strongly opposed.

At this present time a Melbourne doctor, Mark Hobart, is being investigated and threatened with deregistration because he refused to refer a woman seeking an abortion because she did not want another daughter.

He believed that an abortion for sex-selection was an affront.

He said he didn’t know any doctor who would agree to abort a healthy baby for sex selection reasons.

There has been no complaint from the woman concerned but five months ago the Medical Board of Victoria instigated an investigation on its own motion.

Dr Hobart said his repeated requests to be informed of the individual who instigated the investigation and the substance of the charges have remained unanswered.

Mr Davis was well aware of the possibility of such a case arising when he voted for the Bill. So why did he vote for it?

There is little doubt that few voters would support abortion just because someone wanted to select the sex of the baby.

So perhaps Mr Davis will see the error of this horrific Bill and at least work to remove the ban on conscientious objection for doctors and medical staff, before he leaves parliament.

Anything less will leave a nasty stain on his record.