Explain how CFA will deal with CSG fire risks


AFTER listening to the ABC recently and the condescending remarks from ex-Howard government pollie Peter Reith chest beating in the support of the dirty gas mining industry has forced me to bring up an issue that seems to have gone under the radar.

Maybe Mr Reith might like to enlighten us, who he seems to think are just country idiots.

Such an upstanding citizen himself worth trusting, I seem to recall him being the master mind of the children over board affair.

It is a well known fact that Victoria is the most fire prone place on the planet.

As I understand it the mining of unconventional gas means that flaring of wells will not be stopped even if the weather conditions on a total fire ban day is classed as catastrophic.

We could encounter a catastrophe worse than Black Saturday.

I have been informed that the CFA does not have the expertise or the equipment to deal with one of these flaring events if out of control.

Of everything I have read about the mining of Coal Seam Gas this is to me the most frightening.

There is no doubt in my mind that our weather is showing signs of global warming, so then why are our elected local representatives so blatantly standing behind this dirty gas industry and not putting more support behind renewable energy.

It is because our governments have signed contracts to supply gas to China and India that they cannot fulfil without totally destroying our farm land and precious environment.

And by the way this is forcing up the price of gas to the community.

It’s time the likes of Mr Ryan and the National Party and the highly intelligent Mr Reith came out of the closet and openly told us how they plan to address this problem.

Its also time that the representatives from the CFA told us what they think, and also the Department of Environment and Primary Industry, as this potentially catastrophic fire risk should be of great concern to them when the mining industry starts drilling in National Parks as well as our valuable farming lands.