Labor’s CSG allegations are not accurate


LABOR’S Lily D’Ambrosio’s misleading and hypocritical letter alleging that the Victorian Nationals have received donations from the coal seam gas industry is simply wrong.

The Victorian Nationals have not taken financial donations from the coal seam gas industry.

Mining industry representatives, together with those from other industry sectors, do at times attend functions at which I’ve also been present something common to all political parties.

But in the case of The Nationals, we have not received donations from the CSG industry.

On the broader issue of mining more generally, when Labor was in power, mining companies conducted fracking 23 times in Gippsland, without community consultation or input.

Labor granted all the active licences in this region.

Since the Nationals have been in government with the Liberal Party, no fracking has occurred in Victoria.

We have implemented a moratorium on fracking and on new exploration licences, and ordered the biggest independent study of Gippsland’s and Victoria’s water resources ever undertaken.

The current mining operations being undertaken by Lakes Oil at Seaspray were approved by and continue to be carried out under, an exploration license granted by the former Labor Government, of which Ms Ambrosio was a member.

Interestingly, the union representing mining industry workers, the extreme Construction Forestry Mining Electrical Union, has donated millions to Labor and is closely connected to its leader Daniel Andrews.

One wonders how much of this money is being funnelled into the election campaign of Ms D’Ambrosio and Mr Andrews and their Labor mates.