High praise for military museum


RECENTLY my husband and I visited a little gem of a place, the Sale Armed Forces Museum at West Sale Aerodrome.

Anyone who is not familiar with this little treasure may enjoy a browse around.

What a lovely few hours we spent for an unbelievably small admission fee.

It is maintained by friendly, knowledgeable volunteers who will find time to chat and answer questions.

There are many photographs, memorabilia and life size models displayed in four airy rooms and places where you can sit and rest your legs and absorb the atmosphere.

Visitors are allowed to take pictures and, if you, like me, are a bit hesitant to visit public toilets, don’t worry about the ones at this museum they are spotless.

If you decide to visit look outside and you can get up close and personal with a Macchi MB326 and a Grummer Tracker.

Many will be interested in this display, especially if they had friends or relatives who fought in World War 1 or 2.

My cousin Reg flew Stirlings in World War 2, dropping supplies over France for the French resistance. He was awarded the distinguished Flying Cross.

My dad and this two brothers joined up at the beginning of World War 1.

Dad was in the trenches and was buried alive and was in a military hospital for a while, but as soon as he was better he went back to his regiment.

His brother Alfred, who we think must have lied about his age so he could be with his brothers, was killed almost immediately in the battle of the Somme.

I’m sure you all have similar stories and visiting this museum will give you a chance to swap and share them.

The rooms are atmospheric and full of reminders of our brave soldiers, sailors and airmen, helping to keep in touch with them and talk about them.

Lest We Forget.