A warning over dog poisonings in Maffra


HOW many people have a concern over the recent dog poisonings in Maffra?

The coverage has been meagre to say the least.

Do you have a concern about these poisonings.

If you have answered no, then you should have a major concern.

People lost a much-loved companion and family pet.

Would your thoughts change if a young child had picked up one of these baits and eaten it?

Do you realize that there is no antidote, that within minutes you are dead?

If your child or grandchild had picked up one of these baits, there would be absolutely nothing anyone could do.

These baits are thrown indiscriminately into people’s yards.

The person or people doing this are very dangerous and akin to what I would call a murderer.

They should be treated as such when caught, with no excuses as to why they did it.

If a person has the cunning to do this, then they know in full what the result will be.

I have told my family as far away as Melbourne not to bring their very young children here until these people are caught.

Such a sad affair as it is not only pets that you have to look after.

If you know something or saw someone, no matter how small the piece of information might be, please tell the police.

We as a community need to catch this person or persons before it is too late.