Concerns street appeal will be lost


WE are concerned about the proposed development in Stevens St, Sale.

We live in Stevens St, but we write this not only for ourselves, but also for those who enjoy utilising the street.

We are concerned also at the detrimental effect more development on the south side of the street may have on the abundant birdlife which inhabits the wetlands area.

Stevens St is a lovely street with a feeling of open space, great views and with the wetlands it is like an extension of the Lake Guthridge and Lake Gyatt walks.

A recent fun run around the lakes incorporated the street.

So many people use the street to walk, run or bicycle along.

We see family groups enjoying themselves on bikes as well as walkers, joggers and people with their dogs.

A local bike riding group goes through often.

So many different people.

When floods occur the street crawls with traffic.

People, from locals to tourists, particularly stop at the knob near Yvette Close to take photos of the ever-changing scenery and birdlife.

We’ve even seen a wedding party having photos taken there. The television show When Love Comes to Town filmed there.

If development is allowed, this particularly good viewing site will be blocked.

Wellington Shire has spent a lot of money beautifying Sale.

Please don’t let a street with so much natural appeal to the public be spoiled for now or future generations.