Objection to Stevens St proposal


THE beautiful landscape or streetscape of Stevens St in Sale is close to being lost forever.

If the current owners can have this land rezoned from farmland to residential, their financial gain will be at the expense of the community’s loss.

If you are one of the many people who like to walk, run, cycle, nature watch and enjoy the beauty of the wetlands as we can currently view it, now is the time to speak up and let the planning minister, council and newspaper know about it.

Turning this tiny stretch of farmland into houses will affect those who enjoy it.

In the planning permit agenda at council on June 3 quotes Stevens St “has the potential to change significantly if all the proposed lots are developed, most significantly with the views to the wetlands partly obstructed by new houses”.

Then why let it proceed any further?

The council should be trying to protect and enhance the views to the wetlands for the benefit of the whole community, not just a select few.

How about some new walking paths and viewing platforms as a continuation from Maxfields Bridge to the boardwalk through the common?

It is proposed that the new dwellings will have conditions on them.

They are stated in the agenda as follows : “To ensure development is not visually intrusive and does not dominate the streetscape and wider landscape setting” and “To protect view lines to the Ramsar wetlands from Stevens St”.

How can this possibly be achieved by erecting new buildings?

Sale has an over-supply of land with subdivisions currently underway, more planned and plenty of vacant land dotted around town (not to mention estates at Longford and Wurruk), so what is the need to develop this beautiful street, and encroach on the very edge of the wetlands, which could be a real environmental threat?

Because it certainly isn’t urban growth.

If you are unhappy about this development, now is the time to do something, so please speak up.