Time capsule is opened

WELLINGTON Shire Council was joined on Wednesday by surviving members of the City of Sale Council to open a time capsule in the former Port of Sale Civic Centre exactly 21 years previously.

The time capsule has been waiting in plain sight, next to the old customer service entry door, since council amalgamation.

Former and current mayors and councillors watched as the final City of Sale mayor Bruce Warr and current Wellington Shire mayor Darren McCubbin discovered what was inside.

Unfortunately the contents had been water damaged, but some of the documents were legible.

Cr McCubbin, dressed in City of Sale mayoral robes to mark the occasion, said it was not every day that nine former and current mayors were the same room.

“Today provides an opportunity for councillors old and new to compare notes, discuss the history of Sale and of the Wellington Shire Council,” he said.

“Over the past 21 years, Wellington Shire Council has seen its fair share of changes.

That said, I’m sure all of us here today can agree that the business of council, ultimately, doesn’t really change.

“We’re opening the time capsule four years earlier than anticipated, due to the Port of Sale precinct redevelopment.”

The redevelopment includes the Port of Sale Cultural and Community Hub, featuring new Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale library, library headquarters, gallery storage, council chamber, caf , community space and visitor information centre.

“It also means that over the next couple of years, the area around the old civic centre will be redeveloped,” Cr McCubbin said.

“The outdoor spaces will change, with the intent to make this jewel in Wellington’s crown, even better.”