State government ‘non-committal’ on Sale College

Push for one campus

Political support for one campus

A LOCAL politician has vowed to continue advocating for a redevelopment to Sale College, after he received a “non-committal” statement from the state government.

According to Gippsland South MLA Danny O’Brien, campaigning for funding to begin a redevelopment and consolidation of Sale College onto one site will continue, despite a “disappointing” initial response from the Education Minister James Merlino.

“I have written to Minister Merlino a number of times in recent years on this issue, and most recently asked him to provide masterplan funding for Sale College in the forthcoming state budget,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The response I’ve received is non-committal and gives no indication that Sale College is high on the government’s priority list.

“This is a disappointing, but not unexpected response, and only means I will re-double my efforts to secure funding in the budget this year.”

Mr O’Brien said the Sale College community had been active in seeking government and community support for consolidation onto one campus and was seeking funding for a masterplan to begin that process.

“We have not only the Sale College Council and school community behind this project, we also have strong public support from Wellington Shire Council and the Committee for Wellington.

“I recognise this is not a project that will be done in one budget, but we absolutely need the design and development funding in this coming budget so that work can begin on planning the school and making decisions such as whether it should be co-located on an existing site, such as the Guthridge campus, or onto a new greenfield site somewhere else.

“I will continue to campaign with these groups and the school to ensure Sale College gets its fair share.”

Eastern Victoria MLC Jane Garrett said while there were currently no plans to consolidate Sale College onto one site, “we are always open to discussing the future of the school with the local community”.