Our best and brightest students

GIPPSLAND Grammar Year 12 students have achieved outstanding end of year results, with its class of 2020 among some of Victoria’s highest achieving Year 12 students in their VCE studies.

An amazing 23 per cent of the school’s Year 12 students achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank above 90, which places them in the top 10 per cent of students in the state.

And 55 per cent of students achieved an ATAR above 80, placing them in the top 20 per cent.

Gippsland Grammar’s 2020 dux Hannah Husodo achieved an ATAR of 99.65, and hopes to study medicine at Monash next year.

Students joining Hannah as the school’s highest VCE achievers are Rebecca Strauss (Sale) with an ATAR of 98.35; Lauren Richards (Rosedale) with an ATAR of 97.6; Lemoni Japhary (Sale) with an ATAR of 96.55; Jasmine Spencer (Forge Creek) with an ATAR of 96.40; Min Min Bao (Bairnsdale) with an ATAR of 96.35; Alice Beyer (Lakes Entrance) with an ATAR of 96.3; Emma Murphy (Sale) with an ATAR of 96.25; Basma Qadeer (Sale) with an ATAR of 95.75 and Faith O’Connor (Sale) with an ATAR of 95.25.

Rebecca Strauss also achieved a perfect study score of 50 in legal studies.

Gippsland Grammar Principal Leisa Harper said the entire school community was thrilled to be celebrating the success of all Year 12 students, including those who have had success with apprenticeships, employment and VCE results.

“Despite so much change and uncertainty, the results that were achieved reflect the care, support, dedication, teamwork of our whole community,” Mrs Harper said.

“I have shared that although we have been apart, we have come together, and these results are testimony to the hard work of our students and staff.”

Mrs Harper made note of the 13 students who secured apprenticeships and traineeships this year through the school’s VCAL program.

“Our VCAL program allows our students to develop direction for their chosen vocation and we are incredibly proud that the VCAL program helped so many of our students find their way into their chosen profession this year,” she said.

Gippsland Grammar’s 2020 Year 12 cohort included students from across Gippsland, the Latrobe Valley and far east Gippsland.

The cohort also included six students from China.

SALE College VCE students have displayed resilience and tenacity by achieving some fabulous scores despite a tumultuous year and several interruptions to their school life.

Principal Brendan Staple said he was incredibly proud of the students, parents and staff, who had worked hard to meet the challenges they faced.

“Overall, I am very, very proud of everyone, particularly for the year that it has been,” he said.

“We were still able to have a valedictory dinner and celebrate everyone’s hard work, so the year finished up on a good note.”

Mr Staple said the VCE results were a “pleasant surprise” after a year of uncertainty.

Outstanding student and Sale College 2020 dux was Ruarai Morton, who Mr Staple described as a “superstar” for meeting the challenges of COVID as well as coping with the stress of moving to Sale from King Island in Year 11.

Ruarai achieved an ATAR of 95.6, and plans to study chemical engineering in Tasmania.

The school congratulated all students who finished the year, including other high scorers Skye Linsen, who received an ATAR of 89.05, and Kyle Iseppi, who scored 87.25.

Like all schools around the state, Sale College staff worked hard to ensure students had opportunities through online learning, and maintained contact with their teachers.

Mr Staple said students had missed out on a lot of opportunities to be together, but there would hopefully be a presentation to celebrate the dux and other top-scoring students early next year.

MAFFRA Secondary College’s 2020 dux is Katrina Morgan, with an ATAR of 91.75.

A school spokesperson said Katrina was extremely happy with the result and was looking forward to a gap year before studying science at Melbourne University in 2022. She is passionate about the environment and hopes to pursue a career in the environmental science field.

Katrina said her score would not have been achievable without the incredible team of teachers at Maffra Secondary College “who supported me tirelessly during school, after school and amidst the craziness that has been COVID-19”.

Principal Jennifer Roep said Katrina was a dedicated student and worked consistently this year despite the difficulties associated with remote learning.

“She has been an excellent role model for other students, we wish her all the best with her future endeavours,” Ms Roep said.

“Maffra Secondary College is very proud of our entire school-leaving cohort, who have taken on the challenges in 2020 and will go on to access a broad range of pathways, both vocational and academic.

“The college excels in producing young people who are well-rounded, resilient, community-minded and passionate about their futures.

“We are very happy with students’ results and pathways, and wish them well.”

Ms Roep said the students had demonstrated that they had the skills, personal attributes, creativity and confidence to succeed in whatever their futures brought.

“As staff, we could not have asked for a more resilient and resourceful cohort of students to have collectively faced the unique challenges of 2020.

“We could not be happier for Katrina, who has actively demonstrated our school values of respect, community, learning and resilience.”