Volunteers step up for roos

A BAND of kind-hearted volunteers from as far away as Melbourne are doing their bit for local wildlife to help them on their rehabilitation journey.

When wildlife advocates Theresa and Tony (Scruff) Matthews from Our Haven Wildlife Shelter bought a new home on acreage, they faced a massive dilemma – how to relocate their 23 kangaroos in care to a property without enclosures.

After a fundraising campaign and a call to arms, it didn’t take long for the wildlife-loving community to step up to the challenge.

For the past few weeks volunteers have been helping Macalister Fencing with the task of building 300 metres of fencing divided into three pens to house the roos.

Theresa said the generosity of the public and the assistance had been incredible, allowing her to relocate to their new 33-hectare block to continue to rehabilitate the mostly orphaned kangaroos and keep them safe from harm.

“I just want to say a massive thank you to the local community for the support, and to the volunteers who have been at my house for almost 24/7 to help us achieve our dream of a property where our kangaroos can be safely rehabilitated and released,” she said.

“This has been a dream come true, and without the public’s help we couldn’t have done it.”