Respiratory clinic expands for COVID vaccine rollout

THE expansion of the Wellington Respiratory Clinic to include a new vaccination facility will allow up to 300 patients to be vaccinated each day.

Doctors are hoping the federallyfunded facility, which is currently vaccinating about 50 people a day, will be vaccinating at capacity once the federal government moves to the next phase and allows people aged 50 and older to be vaccinated.

The new vaccination clinic is fully staffed and comprises four vaccination rooms and a before and after vaccine reception room.

Each vaccination nurses has a separate receptionist to complete the paperwork, and the clinic has casual staff who can be called up as the need demands.

The new facility is a welcome addition to the respiratory assessment clinic that opened in May 2020 as one six federal government-funded assessment clinics set up across Gippsland.

Wellington Respiratory Clinic is operated by Inglis Medical Centre at 12 Inglis St, Sale, in a separate part of the medical centre to ensure any suspected cases of COVID-19 are managed in a dedicated isolated clinic.

Dr David Monash said the vaccination clinic was separate to the respiratory clinic and the medical centre, and was accessed from the medical centre’s car park.

“We think we’ll be vaccinating until at least June next year, so this separate vaccination clinic is a great boost to our services,” he said.

“After that we will look at other uses for the house, and I’m sure it will be well utilised”.

Dr Monash said once no longer needed for vaccinations, the new vaccination clinic could house the HeadtoHelp Wellington mental health service currently operating from a different building next to the Inglis Medical Clinic.

Last week, Dr Monash joined local doctors to urge residents to have confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine program as Victorian vaccination rates plummet and “misinformation” about safety spreads.