Esports League Wellington Cup in Sale this weekend

Stefan Bradley

The 2022 Australian Esports League Wellington Cup will take place in Sale this weekend.

Expected to attract competitors and spectators from all over Gippsland and beyond, the event is supported by Wellington Shire Council.

Free registrations are now open and participants will compete for prizes across a number of Esports competitions, including Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Rocket League and other fun competitions such as Mario Kart and Just Dance.

The 2022 Australian Esports League Wellington Cup will also be part of the 2022 Victorian Regional Esports Championships.

This is made up of a series of Esports events held in major regional Victorian regions, each earning players points for competing.

The leading players at the end of the year will be invited to compete at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne.

Australian Esports League chief executive officer Darren Kwan said he was looking forward to bringing the event to the Wellington Shire.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Wellington Shire Council to deliver this event,” he said.

“It is important for young people within the community to be able to connect, especially now, and Esports is the ideal platform to help facilitate these connections.

“A key focus for the AEL at events such as the Wellington Cup is to create an environment for young gamers to meet like-minded peers in their community and to also develop their skills.”

Mr Kwan told the Gippsland Times that as of last week, 60 people had registered for this free event.

“We hope to hit 100 people, as we always have a positive response at local communities, as it’s rare that something like this occurs at a place like Sale,” he said.

“We’re very passionate about these events, they do a lot for the community. It should be a good day of hanging out with fellow gamers, and maybe meeting some like-minded friends. My message is don’t miss it!”

Wellington Shire Council Mayor Ian Bye said participants could look forward to great entertainment as part of the Australian Esports League Wellington Cup.

“This initiative is supported by our council tourism team, Wellington Youth Council and The Middle of Everywhere, and will provide an online platform for young people to safely stay connected,” Cr Bye said.

“I’m sure recent lockdowns would have provided a good opportunity for the Esports community to prepare for the competition and I hope they enjoy taking part in this unique experience and showing off their skills in this growing field of Esports and entertainment.

“This event is an incredible opportunity for young people in the Wellington Shire area to show their gaming skills and spend time with their friends. Esports is a growing industry, and it is important that young people across Wellington Shire have the opportunities to grow their skills and participate in a field that has so much potential.”

“Rocket League and Super Smash Bros are two games that are fun no matter the skill level and I hope all young people sign up for the chance to compete.”

The free Esports event will be held on March 12-13 at Sale Memorial Hall. Registrations are open now on the AEL website (

The two games selected for this event cater for all levels of players and are both family friendly.

During selected matches there will be a live streamed broadcast with commentary for audiences to watch.