The Great Dunny Hunt is on!

Gippslanders are being called upon to participate in this year's Great Dunny Hunt. Photo: Contributed

Gippslanders are being called upon to participate in this year’s Great Dunny Hunt.

The nationwide initiative is seeking volunteers to locate and record public toilets as part of the federal government’s National Public Toilet Map.

Sean Burford, who last year was crowned Australia’s Greatest Dunny Hunter for adding 129 new entries to the national register, is among those promoting the initiative.

“The really rewarding aspect of the Great Dunny Hunt was discovering new locations in rural Australia,” Mr Burford said.

“Lockdown and cautiousness about travelling made the Hunt more attractive, since it was a chance to look around Australia virtually.”

Mr Burford believes that council websites and Google Maps are a great place to start for prospective dunny hunters.

“At the end of the day you can’t beat ‘feet on the ground’ to verify all of the details about a dunny, but if you use multiple online resources and reviews you can build a decent idea around exact location, access ramps, key access and hours of operation,” he said.

“This year the Dunny Hunt is also looking for updates, so you may be rewarded for visiting and updating the details for your local public toilets.”

Now in its second year, the Great Dunny Hunt is spearheaded by the Continence Foundation of Australia, a group representing the five million Australians who experience bladder and bowel-control problems.

The Foundation’s chief executive officer Rowan Cockerell is also urging people to take part.

“We want to support the many people living with incontinence to have access to the services and care they need and be able to move around freely in their community,” Ms Cockerell said.

“We all know what it’s like to be caught short trying to find a toilet, so we should all get involved in something that benefits everyone and have some fun in the process!”

The Great Dunny Hunt will be running until June 20.

Those who register to participate will go into the draw to win one of three $500 Eftpos vouchers.

More information can be found by visiting or