Youth Survey now open

Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2022 is now open and young people aged 15-19 in Gippsland are invited to take part.

The Survey has been running for over two decades and is the largest of its kind. Young people can provide insights into their challenges, concerns, experiences and barriers to achieving their goals.

The survey is a chance for young people to share their perspective on range of key issues like COVID-19 impacts and economic and societal issues such as climate change, housing insecurity, work and study barriers and mental health concerns.

Last year, Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2021 was completed by more than 4601 young people in Victoria between April and August.

COVID-19 (48.3 per cent), the environment (43.0 per cent), equity and discrimination (37.2 per cent) and mental health (37.2 per cent) topped the key issues in 2021 that young people feel Australia must address.

The top three areas Victorian young people identified as being negatively impacted by COVID-19 were participation in activities (78.4 per cent), education (77.7 per cent) and mental health (68.9 per cent). A notably higher proportion of Victorian females identified their mental health was negatively impacted by COVID-19 (76.3 per cent compared with 54.8 per cent of males).

The survey takes 20 minutes to complete. Young people can record their responses online, either through arrangements with participating schools or groups or individually through Mission Australia’s website.

Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2022 is open until August 12 to all young people aged 15-19 years-old who are living in Australia.

To take part in the survey, visit Share the word across social media using #YouthSurvey2022