Why you keep waking up at 3am, and what to do

Olivia Arezzolo grew up in Sale.

Olivia Arezzolo, who grew up in Sale, is Australia’s leading sleep expert and is writing a regular column for the Gippsland Times!

Why you keep waking at 3am – and what to do

The main cause here is stress and high cortisol levels. See, our circadian rhythm directs our cortisol, an awakening hormone, to rise around 3am, in preparation for the next morning. However, if you cortisol levels are already high, which is a consequence of stress, then it’s likely you will wake up. How to remedy this?

1. If you are awake longer than 20 minutes, get out of bed and go into the lounge

2. Put on blue light blocking glasses

3. Read, journal or meditate

4. Only return to bed when you are just about to fall asleep

Olivia Arezzolo recently released her book Bear, Lion or Wolf: How Understanding Your Sleep Type Could Change Your Life. Find out more at her website www.oliviaarezzolo.com.au