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Stefan Bradley

Left: Multidisciplinary artist Cassie Leatham (centre) with The EVENTurers Velta (left) and Ian Fellowes at Pure Envy and Co hair studio in Maffra

Velta and Ian Fellowes are the couple behind The EVENTurers Traveling Photographers.

The Boisdale pair have produced photography for a variety of events and clients, but are known for capturing the running community, especially trail runners.

“When we started, there was no-one that we knew of in Victoria who captured the trail runners when they ran up the mountains,” Ian said.

“I used to be in the army, and Velta was trail running before it was a thing, so we are well-suited to capturing these runners with cameras. Velta is a very fit person. On our first date, we went for a 50km walk. She nearly killed me,” Ian laughed.

Velta said that because Ian and herself had led athletic lives, they have a lot of energy to spare.

“Sometimes we have to stay up all night to take the before and after shots of these trail runners, especially if they’ve run 100 or 200 km. It’s quite demanding,” Velta said.

“We do this because with trail runners, we try to get the very best shots we can get. You might be able to find us at Mount Feathertop, Mount Baw Baw, Falls Creek. We pack our survival gear for the hikes because you never know what’s going to happen with the weather.”

The Gippsland Times caught up with The EVENTurers in March at Pure Envy and Co hair studio in Maffra, while they were taking photos of multidisciplinary artist Cassie Leatham ahead of her fashion showcase.

“We’ve been doing photography as The EVENTurers for seven years,” Ian said.

“I used to be Velta’s sidekick or roadie, I’m the fixer, I’m the person who hands her the camera.

“But one day she handed me the camera and told me to have a go. After that, I started doing all the courses and did well, so we progressed from there.”

Velta said that photography used to just be a hobby for her.

“My passion is macro photography, taking shots of fungi and insects,” she said.

“I hope to do more fashion shoots with Cassie, that will be different from the mountains. It’s still very demanding, because you want these fashion shots to be perfect.”

Ian says there are plenty of amazing places in the Wellington Shire to explore and take photos.

“The Wellington Shire is massive. You can go to the beach or check out the bush, and the plantation. The mountains in particular are incredible to go up. It depends on the weather too. I could go out my back gate and take an amazing sunset shot,” he said.

“I love bird photography and anything that’s outdoors. It’s hard to capture the wedge-tailed eagle, so that’s my favourite bird to take a photo of. We like to do events for trail running, so we plan on taking photos at events almost every weekend, with a break in the winter.”

“Although we feel like we can’t stop with photography. There’s always something to learn and you can’t rest on one’s laurels. You don’t just take a photo, you look at it from all different angles, the lighting and try to capture the whole environment, it’s not just the one thing.

“When people finish their run, we try to capture their emotion as they realise they’ve run the 50km or whatever it was. We can see the tears of joy. This is not about making money, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. It’s about passion, challenging ourselves and capturing photos that others can’t do.

“But since we are getting older, we know we won’t be able to continue climbing mountains forever. But there’s people my age and younger who can’t do what I’m doing, so I’ve got nothing to complain about.”

Taking photos of Cassie will hopefully lead to more diverse projects, allowing Ian and Velta to continue The EVENTurers once following trail runners becomes too difficult.

Regardless, Ian says he is happy to continue working together with his wife.

“Velta and I are a great team. It’s Yin and Yang. She can do stuff that I can’t do so we work together well that way,” he said.

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Multidisciplinary artist Cassie Leatham and Ian Fellowes at Pure Envy and Co hair studio in Maffra. Photo: Stefan Bradley