Family-owned Scarlet & Grace a story of success

Scarlet & Grace co-founders Ryan (left) and James Clancy. Photo: Stefan Bradley

Stefan Bradley

Scarlet & Grace, a family-owned home fragrance and body care based in Sale, are one of many startup businesses who benefited from a Startup Gippsland program.

Startup Gippsland is a collaborative project that helps Gippsland-based entrepreneurs to grow and scale their business on a national or international scale through funded programs. Startup Gippsland Program Manager Tasha Wright said the program services Gippsland residents from all six shires, and told the Gippsland Times that Wellington were pushing above their weight.

“Wellington is on the rise compared to other shires,” Ms Wright said.

“I’ve been working in this space for a few years and I think that Wellington has this positive spirit with events they run. The entrepreneurs are very positive and look towards the future. They’re really open to new ideas and are brave with technology.

“We encourage everyone to apply, we’re really focused on growing business leaders, not just businesses. What sets us apart is we work with locals, and they’re the mentors, so we don’t bring outsiders in. Go to our events page, we have programs for all six shires, but we also have online events because Gippsland is so spread out.”

Director and co-founder of Scarlet and Grace, Ryan Clancy, said the Wellington Shire business Concierge suggested their company would be a good fit for the Startup Gippsland program, and they were accepted into the initiative after applying.

“You go through weekly sessions with a dedicated mentor, they try to match you with the right person,” Mr Clancy said.

“Contacts and connections were the main thing I got out of this. I don’t think anyone could go through the program and not learn something, and you meet like-minded people. We also learnt about integral legal decisions, marketing, social media, product development and testing, business development, copyright, IP and ecommerce.

“We are proud to be a family that is born and bred in Sale. Gippsland is a wonderful place, and we are grateful to Startup Gippsland for the support and guidance this group has provided.”

Scarlet and Grace, founded by Mr Clancy and wife Kaitlyn Abrahall, and his brother James, released their first products in HouseProud Homewares (Sale), just in time for Christmas 2018. Since then, they have grown a network of over 150 retail partners across Australia and New Zealand. In August this year, the products will be sold across the UK and in parts of Europe.

Mr Clancy said that just like all good things, Scarlet and Grace began with mum.

“Our home was always filled with wonderful scents, so I guess you could say home fragrances were in our blood. But as we got older, we discovered many of the brands on the market contained harmful ingredients,” Mr Clancy said.

“We felt people deserved access to products that were made exclusively with pure Australian ingredients, so the idea for Scarlet and Grace was born in 2016 around the family kitchen table. We spent the next two-years researching fragrances and building an exclusive supply chain of only pure, natural, and Australian produced materials.

“Our product range has grown over the years and today includes an array of candles, diffusers, and room-sprays, as well as a body-care range of soaps, hand creams and body lotions.”

Scarlet & Grace in Sale. Photo: Stefan Bradley