Fragile Earth on display at gallery

Matthew Dunne, 'Skull near Jeparit' (2021)

Gippsland Art Gallery is introducing Fragile Earth, a new series of biennial exhibitions that will each explore different aspects of our changing climate and its effects on life on earth.

The first of this series, Extinction, explores the complexity of our current ecological crisis.

In response to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, artists from the Gippsland collective CARE (Concerned Artists Resisting Extinction) and other invited artists consider the rapid loss of species, habitats, and ecosystems collectively through their art.

With great sensitivity, the artists poetically express the fragile stories of the sixth extinction and work conscientiously to illustrate the relevance of ecology and nature conservation through artworks that are compelling and heartfelt.

This moving and powerful exhibition features a range of approaches to the subject of species extinction, from painting, sculpture, and printmaking, through to video art, installation and performance.

Artists include a strong contingent of well-known local names such as Nadine Lineham, Frank Mesaric, Lee Darroch, Lesley Duxbury, Susan Fraser, and Judy Dorber, alongside acclaimed national and international figures such as Sam Leach, Janet Laurence, Leila Jeffreys and Jonathan Delafield Cook.

As part of Fragile Earth: Extinction, the Gallery will be hosting the Fragile Earth Symposium: Extinction in Conversation on July 30 and 31.

This weekend-long symposium will bring together a range of artists, advocates, academics and authors to discuss how we cultivate responsibility for ecological practices and thinking.

Special guest speakers will address issues pertinent to our time in history such as: How do we articulate the loss of species, habitats and ecosystems? How can we build collective knowledges and poignantly document the crises of extinction? How might we crosspollinate fields of knowledge to build and cultivate ecological practices? This symposium will be an opportunity to hear from our leading thinkers on climate change and species extinction and to participate in the discussion around the steps we take to mitigate the risks and losses.

For details about this timely exhibition and event bookings please visit the Gallery’s website:

Michael McWilliams, ‘Will This Ever End’ (2022)