Sale shoppers join the Winners Club

Sale Centre Lotto manager Josh Gilbert (left) and store attendant Brody Watsham. Photo: Stefan Bradley

Eleven Sale shoppers are sporting winning smiles after their syndicate scored division one in the TattsLotto draw.

The store syndicate with 11 members held one of the seven division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4269 on Saturday June 18.

Each division one winning entry scored $731,699.38.

However, some members of the syndicate may have yet to realise their windfall, prompting lottery officials to urge players to check their tickets as soon as possible.

The winning shares were purchased at Sale Centre Lotto, at Gippsland Centre.

Sale Centre Lotto manager Josh Gilbert said he was elated to hear the syndicate, called Winners Club 2, had won a division one prize.

“We are over the moon! We’ve only sold one or two division one winning entries while we’ve been here,” he said.

“We are aware of who was in the syndicate, and they are a well-deserving bunch of people.

“I was so excited that when I found out the news, I called many of the syndicate members to congratulate them.

“It’s one of those times where you’re happy with who won it because they’re all so deserving.”

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 4269 on June 18 were 37, 11, 27, 1, 22 and 34, while the supplementary numbers were 44 and 43.

Photo: contributed.