Ella & Sienna, 19 and 16 year old singer-songwriter sisters from the Adelaide Hills, have gained national prominence following their recent appearance on The Voice, and will be performing at the Sale Country Music Festival this November.

Ella & Sienna’s latest triumph is their brand new single, ‘Saved’.

“Through the darkness I will find a way,” the duo sings on the pop-country track.

At first glance, the lyrics read as a story about heartbreak, but Sienna says it’s more than that.

“‘Saved’ is a bit like a break up song, but it’s more about empowerment as young women as we work in the music industry,” Sienna told the Gippsland Times.

“Our music is more poppy focused. We’re into folk sort of storytelling. Our influencers are very wide.

“We like artists like Pink and Nirvana, so we do have some rockier songs.”

While juggling typical teen commitments like university, high school, work and sport, the pair have managed some extraordinary feats. They’ve performed at a swag of Country music festivals, bested multiple talent comps and recently cracked Rita Ora’s final six on The Voice Australia.

“Their vocal blend is impeccable. There’s no other act like them in the entire competition,” Ms Ora said.

The pair got closer than most to the music industry by being on the show.

“It was such a good experience to reach the Top Six and see the show on a whole other level,” Ella said.

“We were blown away, it was so professional, it was so supportive.”

With The Voice done and dusted, Ella & Sienna are looking forward to performing in Gippsland for the Sale Country Music Festival in November, a show that also features Shannon Noll, Amber Lawrence, Casey Barnes, Adam Brand and a number of others.

“We got on that bill because we played Country by the River in South Australia, which was nice and close to home,” Ella said.

“We played with our country idols, and the organisers liked us.”

Ella said they were bringing their band for the festival show.

“We’ll be performing crowd favourites and covers, but also quite a bit of original music,” Ella said.

“We are super excited to see everyone in Sale,” Sienna said.

The festival is one of ten shows the pair have planned in the second half of 2022, and with new music on the way, the sisters won’t be spending too much time apart.

“People ask us how we get along, and the answer is we don’t do heaps of stuff together besides music,” Ella said.

“We’ve been singing together our whole lives. We got lessons together, so we learnt how to do harmonies during high school.

“Our passion for music keeps our relationship strong.”

With their new single about empowerment as they navigate the music scene, Ella & Sienna had their own advice for those who want to make it.

“Our singing teacher pushed us to do busking,” Sienna said.

“Busking is so good for your confidence,” Ella said.

“That gave us confidence to book proper gigs.”

Ella & Sienna will be performing at the Sale Country Music Festival on Saturday November 19. Their new single ‘Saved’ is out now.

[This is an extended version of the article originally published in the newspaper.]