Catholic College Sale visits Airly Primary

Airly Primary School students show off their beetroot tongues. Photos: Contributed

YEAR 9 students from Catholic College Sale visited Airly Primary School recently, as part of a community project.

The project was a coup for the school’s gardens that got some weeding and harvesting work done.

“We plant, grow, harvest and eat food that comes in sustainable packaging. We also use the area as a place to be mindful.”

Students preparing a bonfire.

The school’s most recent harvest was beetroot and after it was roasted it got the thumbs up!

The older peers also took time to chat to the juniors who got to practice their speaking and listening skills with questions they had rehearsed.

Eli, Matthew, Winnie speaking to Catholic College students.
Catholic College and Ailry Primary School collaborating.

According to Airly Principal, Geri Carter, the collaboration was a great success.

“The gardens at Airly are important spaces that embody the school’s healthy bodies, healthy minds focus,” she said.

Airly Primary School students sharing their ideas. Photos: Contributed