Former Sale art teacher Mavis Jennings celebrated her 102nd birthday on Friday (August 25) with afternoon celebrations hosted at the Lakeside Bowling Club to mark the momentous occasion.

Mavis Jennings, born in Sydney on August 25, 1921, was joined by friends and former students to celebrate her 102nd birthday.

Mavis Jennings with former students Heather Schlipalius, Shirley Terry and Peter Eppelstun. Photos: Zoe Askew

Mrs Jennings and her late husband of more than 70 years, Bill, moved to Sale from Bendgio in the 60s, the couple teaching at the Sale Technical School until their retirement.

In her younger years, Mrs Jennings was a keen golfer while Mr Jennings was a highly active member of the Sale Bowls Club.

Over the years, Mrs and Mr Jennings have made generous donations to the club, with one Sale Bowls Club green named after the couple – The Jennings Green.

Mavis, aged 102, conducts the room as they sing her happy birthday.

A creative spirit with a true passion for art and craft, Mrs Jennings was always working on a creative project, whether that be leather work, knitting, macrame, painting, pottery, or hat making. Mrs Jennings soon became known for her eccentric hats.

As well as teaching at the Sale Technical School, Mrs Jennings used to facilitate occupational art therapy and often gave art lessons in her home.

Mavis and Bill Jennings were known to throw lavish parties at their Cunninghame Street home, a home which Mrs Jennings designed herself.

Mavis designed her Cunninghame Street house, where she lived until moving into Wilsons Lodge.

Mrs Jennings puts her long life down to being a vegetarian since she was a young girl.

When she was just four years old, Mrs Jennings went into her grandfather’s butcher shop and saw blood everywhere. Right then, she vowed never to eat meat again.

In celebration of her 102nd birthday, Mrs Jennings made a generous donation to the Sale Bowls Club, which will fund the construction of an extension to the pavilion.

Sale Bowls Club president Stephen Chalmer says to acknowledge Mrs Jennings’ generous donation, the Bowler’s Room will be named ‘Mavis’.