Longford Adult Riding Club and the Longford Horse and Pony Club members have benefited from the recent ‘grounds overhaul’ owing to the dedication and efforts of local residents Leo and Talia Macdonald from LTM Contracting.

The LTM Contracting team were initially asked to re-fence the tired and unsafe Longford Reserve boundary fences, made possible by a successful grant application awarded to the adult riders from Gippsland Critical Minerals.

Longford Adult Riding Club secretary Lea Baxter said LTM Contracting went the extra mile to ensure the reserve grounds were not only safe for club riders but that they looked immaculate as well.

“Not only did the LTM team provide all the labour to complete the fencing job, but they also supplied materials at below cost, slashed, trimmed trees, spread dirt mounds and burned tree piles that have sat for some time,” Ms Baxter said.

“In fact, it is probably timely that we take the opportunity to thank all of our volunteers who contribute in an ongoing capacity – removing fallen trees, mowing, general maintenance, cleaning and putting in at our monthly rallies. Without them, clubs could not exist.

“Of course, horses and horse riding, run in Talia and Leo’s blood – Leo having experience in brumby running and Talia, once a track rider, is now keen on team penning.

“The couple have also passed on their horse ‘genes’ to their two boys, Blake (five) and Riley (three), who will both be members of the pony club in 2024 on their ponies, Lilla and Onyx.

“On behalf of all our members, we thank the LTM Contracting team for re-creating a welcoming and vibrant club space for us all to enjoy.”

For information on joining the Longford Adult Riding Club, email longfordadultridingclub@gmail.com.

For more on joining the Longford Horse and Pony Club, email Longfordpc@bigpond.com.