Who I Am Dynamics chief executive officer and author Garry Prigg is coming to Bairnsdale on Wednesday, November 15, to speak to employers about how to help look after employee mental health and reduce negative impacts, including suicide rates.

Wellington Shire has some of the highest suicide rates in the state, nearly 50 per cent more than the state average, and Mr Prigg says there’s plenty employers can do to help.

“Most employers value their staff, but they may not be aware of how stressed, anxious, or on the borderline of depression that their employees might be,” he said.

“Sometimes employers need to say, ‘let’s have a conversation; I don’t have the solution, but let’s have a coffee then ask the question, what can we do together or what should we do to help’.”

Local psychologists and employers will join Garry Prigg in Bairnsdale on Wednesday, November 15.

For further information or to reserve a seat, phone Garry Prigg on 0419 561 248.