Reader Gallery – January 9 2024

Flooding at Sale Velodrome on Boxing Day. Photo: Stephen Johnson

Seaspray from the air on New Year’s Eve. Photo: John Morgan

Moon rising behind clouds at The Honeysuckles. Photo: Melanie Tancred

Duck pondering the meaning of the ‘Letters in the Lake’. Photo: Mary McNally

Another busy holiday period in Seaspray. Photo: John Morgan

Beautiful weather in Seaspray for the Christmas break. Photo: John Morgan

Glenmaggie Weir from the wall, October 25, 2023. Photo: Heather Carr

Down near the little brick house on the walking track at the lakes in Sale. Photo: Angela Tew

Merriman Creek, Seaspray, with no wind. Photo: John Morgan

Raindrops on the Lilies. Photo: Melanie Tancred