ON April 28, Saint Mary’s Catholic Parish in Maffra will celebrate the centenary of the current church building.

The new church building replaced the old church on May 4, 1924. The old church building is now surrounded by Saint Mary’s school grounds and is used by the school and parish community as a hall.

In 1924, the parish found it necessary to build a new and larger church as the parish had outgrown the original church. The land on which it was to be built was donated by the W.J. McLean family. Bishop Patrick Phelan dedicated and blessed the church on May 4, 1924.

Throughout the century, there have been many parish priests and assistant priests who have all contributed to the church and grounds as it stands today. In the beginning, donations for refurbishment – pews, stained glass windows, altars, statues and sacred vessels – have made it the beautifully appointed place of worship we enjoy today and which continues through the Giving Program and bequests.

Sunday and weekday Masses are celebrated in the church as well as funerals, weddings, baptisms and other sacraments. Despite a smaller congregation in recent decades, it is a place of worship, fellowship and community gathering.

The centenary celebration is to be held on Sunday April 28. Mass will be celebrated at 11am by the Most Reverend Bishop of Sale Gregory Bennet. This will be followed by lunch in the old church (hall) in Saint Mary’s Primary School grounds. Everyone is welcome to attend this celebration. Lunch will be provided.

RSVP by April 15 (essential for catering) to the parish office on 5147 1921 or Maffra@cdsale.org.au

Saint Mary’s Catholic Parish in Maffra will celebrate 100 years on April 28, 2024. Photos: Contributed