Morgy’s Respite House to provide tailored care and support

Inside the open plan living/dining/kitchen area.

Stefan Bradley

MORGY’S Respite House represents the latest innovation by the George Gray Centre (GGC), which aims to modernise and expand its support services for adults with disabilities.

This development emphasises the organisation’s commitment to providing tailored care and support, creating opportunities for individuals and their families.

GGC is based in Maffra, but the Morgy’s Respite House is offsite in Sale.

The facility was created in response to the growing need for specialised respite services in the Wellington region, offering a sanctuary for guests. It features a range of personalised activities tailored to individual needs, including attending local concerts and community events, fostering a sense of belonging and community connection.

For example, guests from Morgy’s had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Jessica Mauboy concert at The Wedge, providing an exciting and engaging outing for everyone involved. They’ve also been on a fun trip to the annual St Michael’s Heyfield Duck Cup, which was a delightful community event that the guests thoroughly enjoyed.

“These activities are just a couple of examples of how we actively participate in local events, offering our community members with enriching experiences that connect them more closely with the wider community,” GGC Chief Executive, Peter Green said.

Mr Green emphasised the role of respite services in the wellbeing of individuals and their families.

“Respite care is essential to maintaining the health and wellbeing of both caregivers and those they support. Caregivers often face significant challenges, including fatigue, depression, and their own health issues,” he said.

Front of Morgy’s Respite House, a facility used by George Gray Centre. Photos: Soda Creatives

“Respite services offer a much-needed break, promoting mental and physical health by allowing caregivers to rest and recharge. At GGC, we understand these dynamics, which is why the opening of Morgy’s Respite House is such a critical venture. Here, we align with modern needs, offering a space where guests can enjoy a range of activities, fostering both independence and community integration.

“We’re not just responding to demand; we’re addressing a vital component of caregiver and community health as highlighted by statistics showing the significant impact of respite services on caregivers’ wellbeing and the essential support it provides to families across the spectrum.”

Mr Green said that funding for Morgy’s came from the group’s operating budget.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, George Gray Centre is committed to reinvesting funds directly in our facilities to benefit our GGC community. This approach largely supported the initiative to develop Morgy’s Respite House, utilising funds that have been carefully allocated from our operating budget,” he told the Gippsland Times.

“This strategy ensures that we can continue to enhance and expand our service offerings, maintaining our focus on the wellbeing and support of our community.”

Morgy’s is designed to be a home away from home for its guests, ensuring a warm, welcoming, and adaptive environment. Individuals can relax, develop, and engage at their own pace, supported by a dedicated team. The emphasis on individual choice and community integration underlines GGC’s forward-thinking approach to disability support, paving the way for a more inclusive and understanding society.

“There’s definitely a significant need for quality respite care services in the Wellington region. Feedback from our GGC community strongly indicates a growing demand for supportive respite care,” Mr Green said.

“We acknowledge that not all mainstream facilities are suitable or adequately equipped to meet the specific needs of some of our community members, which further cements the importance of specialised services like Morgy’s.”

For more information about Morgy’s Respite House and the services offered, reach out to Mr Green at or go to the George Gray Centre Facebook page.