More thought is needed on parking

Bob Hammill, Sale


IN Raymond St, Sale, it’s difficult to find a parking space – let alone one that’s close to where you want to shop.

If I owned a business or real estate in or near that shopping precinct, I’d be keeping a close eye on the situation and ensure I was always represented by the best of the best at any meetings with council.

In Raymond St you can’t create any more parking spaces, so sometime in the future, that leaves only two alternatives – parking meters and parking inspectors or a big multi-storey shopping centre somewhere close to town.

A big centre could provide any number of modern, attractive retail areas, plenty of free parking, everything you’ll find in Raymond St and surrounding areas with all shops situated in close proximity.

For me, there’s three good sites within three kilometres of Raymond St which tick a lot of boxes and those sites become even more attractive while this council raises the white flag to developers and adds to the urban sprawl.