Surprise in the sky

Photo: Matthew Ridgeway

Matthew Ridgeway, Sale


IT was with some wonder during a recent Sunday, when a neighbour and I saw a jet plane performing aeronautic manoeuvres somewhere close to town, with vapour trails and all the stunts one could imagine.
But something odd about it was that the jet was super quiet and did not look so real.
So I asked my neighbour to join me to investigate.
We arrived at a place kind of near the Sale stockyards to see that the Sale and District Aeromodellers Club were having a meeting, and goodness, what a sight to see.
There were some very well made models flying about doing aerobatic routines and dog fights.
Planes of all sorts of sizes and detail.
And to me, the biggest drawcard was the last flight of the big jet plane.
Oh my, that plane was completely stable and the pilot knew exactly how to fly this wonderfully created jet powered model.
The club meets regularly and the grounds are maintained well and fit for this activity.
I highly recommend people visit even just to watch the spectacle of remote control aircraft doing things that are humanly impossible in manned aircraft.
The Sale and District Aeromodellers Club has a Facebook page and can be easily found on the internet.
I was approached to take a closer look and the club members are all very friendly and encouraging for people to try flying these wonderful machines.
I was stoked to see it, as was my neighbour.
Thank you to the Sale and District Aeromodellers Club for putting on such a great show.