Letter to the editor | Destroying jobs for no global benefit ‘insane

From Marcia Davidson, Morwell

TONY Smith of Sale defends the net zero emissions policy by reciting a long list of organisations and countries that supposedly agree with it.
However, he fails to provide any evidence that actually justifies the policy, or that foreign governments will actually honour their promises.
For example, he claims that China supports net zero by 2060, but in reality, the Yale Environmental School has confirmed that the Chinese are on track to add another 247 gigawatts of coal-fired power generation.
This is more than five times the size of the projects proposed in the rest of the world.
To put that number into perspective, Australia’s national coal-fired generation is equivalent to 25.2 gigawatts.
So China’s immediate expansion of coal power is more than 10 times the size of Australia’s entire coal power sector, not including the very large existing coal-fired generation already operating in China.
As a matter of simple mathematics, destroying the Australian coal sector won’t make any difference to the trajectory of global carbon emissions and coal expansion.
Destroying local jobs for no global benefit is not economic sense — it’s just utterly insane.
Mr Smith concludes his letter by stating that “opinions are important, but wild statements without substance are a waste of column length”.
Well Mr Smith, perhaps you could offer some evidence of your own.