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The Committee For Gippsland hosted an investor attraction event in Melbourne showcasing Gippsland as the premier region to base and build a business.

Internationally renowned economist Saul Eslake was the keynote speaker, telling an audience of nearly 130 people Gippsland’s broad based economy was one of its biggest strengths.

Attendees were from agribusiness, accounting, finance, advisory, economic development, technology, retail, manufacturing, and property investment. They were able to absorb Mr Eslake’s high level economic analysis from the federal budget to China’s growth rate, among key messages about Gippsland’s development industry sectors.

Committee For Gippsland chief executive Mary Aldred said the event was the final part of the first phase of the Gippsland Investment Prospectus, a $400,000 flagship Regional Development Victoria project, which was initiated under the Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Road Map.

The Committee For Gippsland has completed the first phase, with the second to be undertaken by Regional Development Victoria, initially focusing on attracting and retaining agribusiness investment in the region.

Suncorp Bank Gippsland manager Paul Griffin said the event was designed to put a spotlight on the opportunities for economic and social development in Gippsland.

“The Gippsland region is home to a diverse economy, ranging from agriculture to food production, energy, and aviation,” he said.

Mr Eslake highlighted the importance of the three free trade agreements the federal government had signed recently, and said they presented real opportunities for Australia.

A table of Gippsland ‘goodies’ was available and were given away at the end of the event, which helped promote the high quality and diversity of products manufactured in the region, from Maffra Cheese to Devondale Milk and Four ‘n’ Twenty pies.

There were a number of businesses which attended the event who were actively looking at regions to invest in, and Ms Aldred said the Committee For Gippsland had already fielded several calls about interest in the region.