Drivers drug positive

FOUR local drivers tested positive to roadside oral fluid tests at the weekend.

Police allege three drivers returned positive readings for methamphetamine, while one driver returned a positive reading for methamphetamine and cannabis.

The tests have been sent to Melbourne for analysis.

POLICE are investigating after a man aged in his 30s crashed the car he was driving into Flooding Creek in Sale last Wednesday morning.

Police allege the man was hooning when he lost control of the vehicle.

Police are investigating.

MAFFRA police are investigating after yellow spray paint was used to deface a business in Station St, Maffra, and a vehicle at Wilmour Motors between 5.30pm on August 17 and 7.30am August 18.

Police said the graffiti tag ‘Apex’ had been used around town. People with information should phone Maffra police on 5147 1026.