Divine Sale Cup Day

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A THRILLING finish to the $150,000 Sale Cup feature race, perfect weather and a crowd of more than 4500 delivered Sale Turf Club a memorable cup day on Sunday.

Turf club chief executive Wayne Pollock was delighted with the crowd’s behaviour.

“We were not unhappy with the numbers, it was slightly down on last year when we had about 4900, but we would rather have a well behaved crowd enjoying themselves than a larger crowd that was not catered for.

“The police were happy with behaviour, with no 0.05 drink drivers recorded,” he said.

An expanded bus service, bringing patrons from Sale, Maffra, Rosedale, Traralgon and Loch Sport reduced the number of vehicles in the car park and ensured race goers could enjoy the day without worries about driving home.

“The 1915 Melbourne Cup display and Patrobus Centenary Stayers final attracted a lot of interest and photographs,” Mr Pollock said.

“It was a day of competitive races, with the finish of the Sale Cup having five horses within a length, showing it was a very even field.

“Sale must now be one of trainer Tony McEvoy’s favourite courses, with his second Sale Cup win. He won with Mouro two years ago,” Mr Pollock said.