Pearson, Simpson Sts special charge scheme

WELLINGTON Shire Council has begun a process to implement a special charge scheme to upgrade Pearson and Simpson Sts, Sale.

If the scheme is supported by the majority of property owners, they will contribute 30 per cent of the cost for the $1.1 million project.

The works will upgrade the section of Pearson St between Fitzroy and Raglan Sts, and Simpson St between Reeve and Desailly Sts.

Through the works, these sections would be fully sealed with barrier kerb and channelling, bringing them up to a similar standard to other fully constructed parts of these streets.

If approved, the special charge scheme will gather $330,000 from the 50 owners of the 51 affected properties.

The amount owners will pay will relate to how much of their property abuts the upgraded streets.

Contributions will range from $3700 to $11,900. The average estimated cost per property is $6600.

The remaining $770,000 will come from council’s share of federal government Roads to Recovery funding.

Following a public meeting in October, 33 land owners who responded to an informal survey were in favour of the scheme.

Councillor Scott Rossetti said affected property owners had the chance to formally raise concerns about the scheme.

“I’d certainly encourage people who are in streets like this right across the shire to take advantage of this program,” he said.

“In the end, the abutting properties do benefit from the improvement to these roads.

“They’re only contributing 30 per cent of the cost of doing these roads.

“The rest is being contributed to by the federal government program.

“Given people in new subdivisions are actually paying the full price of putting in their infrastructure into those properties, here, you’re getting the full benefit and you’re only chipping in 30 per cent.”