Enjoying the circus life

CIRCUS life is the only life the Reyes siblings know.

They are a long way from their home country of Brazil, but the talented Reyes siblings — contortionist Susana, 16 and her juggling brothers Francisco, 14, and Jonathon, 10 – love the life of travelling performers with Circus Royale. 

Father Fransisco senior, who performs in balancing acts, said Australia was a beautiful country and the family were enjoying their time here.

“We’re from South America and the last seven years we have worked in Mexico,” he said.

“It is a really dangerous country (Mexico) and I’m happy here.”

He has never given any thought to having a different job.

“The circus is special,” he said. 

“We never think about what work we would do outside the circus.”

The Reyes love their life in Australia and Mr Reyes said the children do their schoolwork on the road and were learning English. 

Circus Royale is performing at Canal Reserve Sale daily until Sunday.

Evening shows begin at 7.30pm. Weekend matinee shows are at 4pm tomorrow and at 11am and 2pm on Sunday.

Reservations online at www.circusroyale.com.au or buy tickets on site daily from 10am.