Police seek hit-run driver

POLICE have found what they believe is the vehicle involved in an apparent hit and run on Gibsons Rd, Sale, which resulted in two cyclists being hospitalised.

Police said three cyclists were riding about 5.25am Wednesday when the rear rider was struck by a car and knocked to the ground.

The second rider was then hit, and reportedly struck the bonnet and windscreen before being thrown into the rear of a parked car.

The third cyclist was uninjured.

Police found the car in Sale late Wednesday night and at the time of publication,  were still searching for the driver.

A witness reported the offending driver slowed briefly at the scene before taking off.

A Gibsons Rd resident said he was getting ready to go to the gym when he heard a thud, tyres screeching and yelling outside.

“I ran outside and all I saw was carnage.

“The ambulance and police had been called so I went inside to get some blankets and another neighbour went and got towels.”

The resident said the cyclist had been thrown onto his car, which was parked in the street, and was being consoled by the uninjured cyclist.

“The guy who wasn’t hurt said (his mate) pretty much did a backflip into my car,” the man said.

“When he looked he saw him jammed between the gutter and my car.

“He thought his mate was dead.

“He said ‘I saw the tail light of the car driving off and I kept expecting the brake lights to come on, but they didn’t’.”

“I just can’t believe they didn’t stop,” the man said.

Both cyclists are aged in their 30s and suffered head injuries, and one also had leg injuries.

A local man was taken to Sale hospital before being flown to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, while his riding companion, also a local man, was taken to Sale hospital.

Police are appealing for the driver to come forward.

People with information are urged to phone Sale police on 5142 2200, or to remain anonymous, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.