Campaigning for a less intrusive government

LIBERAL Democrats candidate for Gippsland, Ben Buckley, said his campaign is going well so far.

A major concern for him is compulsory voting, which he sees as the government invading private lives.

“The right to vote is one of our most important issues,” he said.

“It should be a duty, an obligation, and an honour to vote. It shouldn’t be degraded into a statutory requirement.

“You’re expected to voice an opinion under threat of prosecution.”

Mr Buckley believes that by enhancing the education system, voters would be more informed.

“It should be part of the educational curriculum, they don’t mention electoral funding,” he said.

He also took issue with the wastefulness of how-to-vote cards.

“It’s ridiculous to have a compulsory vote then have someone explain how to vote,” he said.

With two weeks to go until the election, Mr Buckley said while his campaign was more low-key than others, he was keen to spread his message.

“The government should only do what people cannot do for themselves,” he said.

“Limited government reduces restrictions on people to strengthen the economy.”