Seven drugged drivers pulled over

WELLINGTON Highway Patrol members are extremely disappointed after detecting seven drug affected drivers in the Wellington area during the past weekend. 

Acting Senior Sergeant Luke Banwell of the Wellington Highway Patrol said while the results indicated the diligence of the Highway Patrol and local police in reducing road trauma, it was disappointing to see the detections so high.

“Given the tragedy of last Saturday’s fatal collision at Cowwarr, we need to continually focus on driver safety in all facets of vehicle use,” Sgt Banwell said. 

Last Friday night members from the Wellington Highway Patrol detected a probationary driver from Sale, driving in excess of the prescribed limit for alcohol. 

The female driver was conveyed to Sale police station where a breath test was conducted with an alleged reading of 0.041 per cent. 

An oral fluid test was conducted which allegedly returned a positive result for an illicit drug. 

Police will lay an additional charge called a ‘combination offence’ against this driver, as both alcohol and drugs were allegedly detected over the prescribed limit. 

Later that night, a male driver from Sale was allegedly detected with an illicit drug in his oral fluid. 

He was conveyed to Sale police station and provided a further oral fluid sample allegedly containing an illicit drug. 

After a tragic morning on Gippsland roads, police intercepted a male driver from Traralgon on Saturday afternoon, who provided a sample of oral fluid which allegedly contained an illicit drug. 

When Highway Patrol members resumed their patrols, they intercepted a ute being driven in a strange manner and the male probationary driver allegedly tested positive to an illicit drug, and was conveyed to Sale police station. 

Yet again, on Saturday another male driver from Traralgon was intercepted in Sale by Wellington Highway Patrol, and allegedly tested positive for an illicit drug. 

On Sunday afternoon another driver from Traralgon was intercepted for speeding, and allegedly returned a positive result for an illicit drug. 

A short time later police intercepted a male driver in Sale, who also allegedly retuned a positive result for illicit drugs. It is also alleged the driver had breached conditions. 

Sgt Banwell said he and his members found the results remarkably concerning. 

“It appears that some drivers are willing to take the risk and drive while being affected by alcohol and or drugs; putting themselves and other road users at risk.”