Sale cops Wall to Wall riders

A MOTORCYCLE contingent more than 300 strong departed Melbourne from the Victoria Police Memorial on St Kilda Rd in the seventh annual Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance.

Arriving in Sale to refuel, the riders stopped at Brewhouse 69 for a coffee before taking off again, with everything from Harleys to brand new Indians to the finest Triumphs on display.

The two-day ride to the National Police Memorial in Canberra pays homage to police officers who have died while serving their community.

The ride also aims to raise money for police legacies across Australia to enable them to support the police family.

This year, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton will pass the legacy baton, which contains the name of all Victoria Police members killed in the line of duty, to 16-year-old James Kilmartin.

James is taking part in memory of his father, Sergeant Brian Kilmartin, who died of a heart condition in 2013 while serving at Northcote Police Station.

People can donate to the ride and learn more about VPL by visiting the website.

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