Sale Alpaca Show this Saturday

THE third Sale Alpaca Show will be held early this coming weekend showcasing 120 animals and 27 fleeces, in the pavilions at Sale Showgrounds.

The show will be judged by Chris Williams, a well known South Australian breeder and judge in the industry.

Native to South America, alpacas have been farmed for their fleece, leather and meat for 7,000 years.

Alpacas are valued in Australian farming conditions as they are efficient high value food converters, low water users, have soft padded feet rather than hooves, are gentle non-tugging grazers.

They can be grazed at higher density than many other comparable livestock.

This year, Royal Melbourne Show had 48 entrants in the Paraders Event with numbers growing each year.

The alpaca show will be at Sale Showgrounds, Sale-Maffra Rd, on Saturday October 8, starting at 10am through to late afternoon.

Admission is free.