Youth group turns up the heat with cook-up

A TEAM of teenagers from City Builders Church got busy in the kitchen this month to donate meals to the Salvation Army.

The cook-up was part of church’s youth group community service program, which finds a way to serve the community each term.

This month’s food donation was a welcome contribution to the Salvation Army.

Youth leader Corey Siebel said the Sale Salvos were needing to feed more people at their weekly community meal, and were grateful for the help.

“But as much as we want to help our community and those in need, we find that serving others also helps these kids,” he said.

“It helps them put their own lives and problems into perspective.

“To see the impact they can have on another person when they reach beyond themselves gives them incredible life experience.”

Last month the youth group gardened and mowed lawns for elderly and sick people. It also helped Sale Business and Tourism Association erect banners along the main street and helped host community festivals in the mall during Christmas and Easter.

“We want our youth to have a heap of fun, but to also realise it’s not all about entertainment,” Corey said.

“We are here to build up our community and the people in it.

“To teach young people that they are part of a community and that they can make a valuable contribution helps them find their place in the world.”

The youth group meets 6pm Friday nights at 10 Wade Court, Sale, with high-energy activities such as Predator, Hawkeye Archery Attack and Dance Battle nights.

For more information, visit Sale City Youth Group’s Facebook page or phone on 0448 742 273.