P-plater hit held stop sign at school crossing

POLICE want to speak to a red P-plater who allegedly hit a school crossing supervisor’s held stop sign and did not stop on Thursday.

At 3.25pm, the vehicle reportedly drove through a school crossing on Raglan St, Sale, near the intersection of Guthridge Parade, and disobeyed the crossing supervisor, who was on the road.

The vehicle struck the supervisor’s stop sign, before continuing west along Raglan St.

The vehicle, fitted with red P-plates, was a red four door sedan with a registration number similar to RYS599.

Wellington Highway Patrol’s Sergeant Luke Banwell said it is unlikely the driver was unaware of what had happened.

“About a minute earlier … another vehicle disobeyed the crossing supervisor and drove through the crossing without stopping,” he said.

“We have located and interviewed that driver, but still seeking the other one.

“I cannot overstate the importance of diligent driving around school zones.

“Our most vulnerable road users are crossing these roads as pedestrians and cyclists.

“They are children and do not have the protection of a car cabin wrapped around them.’

Sergeant Banwell said there was potential for serious injury and worse where motorists ignored road rules or were distracted.

“Forty kilometre per hour zones, controlled school crossings and crossing supervisors are there for the safety of our school children, however the onus of safety rests with the motorist,” he added.

Sergeant Banwell said the incidents were reported to police by a Wellington Shire local laws officer, as part of ongoing collaboration between the shire and Victoria Police in an effort to reduce road trauma and detect delinquent road users.

People with information should report it to Sale police on 5142 2200, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.