A muddy good time at Heyfield

WHAT’S better than a whole school’s worth of children having the time of their lives on the last day of the school term?

Two school’s worth of children.

St Michael’s Primary School and Heyfield Primary School joined forces to put on the first ever annual Heyfield Muddy Fun day, where students faced more than 35 obstacles, allowing children to do what they do best; get filthy dirty.

Inspired by Australian Ninja Warrior, a popular televised obstacle course competition, the school-appropriate course featured some strikingly similar obstacles, such as the quintuple steps, jungle rope and the dreaded warped wall.

Organisers Traci Grogan and Ingrid Biram began devising the day in March, as a fun day to alleviate some of the angst surrounding the potential closure of Heyfield’s major employer.

As many of the students, teachers and parents are involved with the Australian Sustainable Hardwoods mill in some way, Ms Biram and Ms Grogan agreed the day was an opportunity for the town to come together, talk, get active and have a lot of fun.

“We’ve got obstacles, we’ve got mud pits, we’ve got crawling things, we’ve got landing things, a warped wall, waterslides … lots of mud, lots of fun,” Ms Grogan laughed.

“This was just to bring everyone together, make it fun that everyone can participate in.

“It’s about having a safe fun day, I mean, look at their faces!”

Ms Biram added the day was about making new friends with the neighbours next door.

“They’re all having a ball,” she said.

Ms Biram said the support from local businesses was amazing, with sponsors jumping at the opportunity to support the community after such a difficult time.

“Everything’s been donated … even the local bakeries have supplied all the bread for the barbecue that the Lion’s Club are putting on,” she said.

“We just make up the obstacle and then work out exactly what we need for it, and then everything was collected up.”