Mystery 87-year-old letter to be opened

POSTAL services have copped a grilling in recent times for tardiness, but it’s difficult to beat this one.

A letter which should have been delivered almost 90 years ago has turned up in the new Heyfield and Districts Museum.

Museum member Ron Lancaster was cleaning up around the counter of the building, which used to be the Heyfield post office, when he found something wedged between two pieces of timber.

After pulling the item out, Mr Lancaster saw it was an envelope which had been stamped, franked and registered.

It was dated November 25, 1930.

The letter was supposed to be sent to a Traralgon saddler 87 years ago.

With permission from Australia Post, the letter will be opened at the museum on Sunday, November 26 87 years and a day after it was posted.

All are welcome to attend the event to find out what’s in the envelope.