Authorities target poachers

VICTORIA Police and the Game Management Authority are asking the public for help to identify illegal hunters, poachers, spotlighters and illegal firearms users  in the Wellington and East Gippsland areas.

People witnessing offences are being urged  to record dates, times and places, note vehicles and gather as much information as they can safely, including registration numbers and descriptions of vehicles and occupants. 

Witnesses to shootings are also being asked to  note the number of shots fired and the direction of shooting, ascertain the direction of travel of vehicles or shooters, and gather evidence of dead animals — if it is safe to do so.

Triple zero should be used to phone for police assistance in the first instance.

Information is also being sought in relation to drug or alcohol use while shooting, trespassing, shooting from roadways, and stock that have been shot.

People who know of offenders involved in illegal hunting activities can report them anonymously.

Reports can be made via Crime Stoppers by phoning 1800 333 000, the Divisional Firearms Office on 5150 2630, or by private messaging the Eyewatch Wellington Police Service Area Facebook page. Authorities say all information will be treated confidentially.