Would-be thieves target airport

A MAJOR security breach at West Sale Airport on Sunday night has left hangar lessees shaken and calling for heightened security.

Between 11pm and midnight on Sunday evening, two offenders forced entry to two hangars at the Jackson Drive airport, and attempted entry to a third.

In the first hangar, cupboards were rifled through and tools were stacked in the back of a stored utility vehicle with intention to steal it, and in the second hangar, tools were placed in a trolley.

A resident living on site disturbed the offenders as they attempted to enter the third hangar by banging on its wall, before chasing them offsite on foot. Nothing is reported missing, as the two men were disturbed before they managed to get away with anything.

A vehicle, described as an early 2000s sedan, stopped and picked the men up.

Wellington Criminal Investigation Unit is investigating, and East Gippsland crime scene services spent Monday morning dusting for fingerprints.

Police are searching for a solidly built male, about 172 centimetres in height, wearing a dark-coloured beanie and dark clothing, and a thin male, of the same height, wearing dark clothing.

Information relating to the men or the vehicle can be reported to Sale police on 5142 2200, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Wellington Shire Council is responsible for security at the airport.